Kitty DrunkDrunk is mere moments from an unplanned water landing

Published September 4, 2012 by Kitty DrunkDrunk


Every morning is an adventure when you start the day by extracting an unconscious cat from the toilet with a pair of barbecue tongs. Just follow the whimsical trail of lukewarm vomit plops trailing down the hallway and the eye-watering stank of drugstore knock-off Brut cologne. K DD is under the (mistaken) impression that if she douses herself with enough, it will mask the odor of cannabis steaming from her Coors Light-encrusted pelt.  Well I can guarantee she will suddenly not be so drowsy when she hears me open the fridge and then she will come tumbling in, waving the sopping toilet brush like a smiting wand, bellowing for chardonnay, which she refers to as “wet food”. Disgraceful.


27 comments on “Kitty DrunkDrunk is mere moments from an unplanned water landing

    • You’ve got one too! K DD is attempting to stealthily follow you home so she can hide in the shrubbery and watch TV through your living room window. I had to revoke her privileges after she became enraged at Rachel Ray for “jacking her style” and hurled a frying pan at the cable box.

    • Oh HEEY HM12! Well that particular strain of “wet food” has become the entire bottom section of Kitty DrunkDrunk’s food pyramid so you can imagine the struggles of K DD’s personal “nutritionist”! Poor thing is always rushing out the door in tears.

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