Kitty DrunkDrunk has a decidedly loose interpretation of “chores”

Published August 13, 2012 by Kitty DrunkDrunk


You know, all I asked was for Kitty DrunkDrunk to sweep up that mini-desert of spilled Fresh Step surrounding her litter box like a pee pee-soaked alluvial fan. You can see for yourself how far along she got. Apparently her hangover is so severe that slowly decapitating oneself on the edge of a dustpan is preferable to putting paws to broom. She said she was exhausted from spending the entire day at the swim-up bar at the country club but I happen to know that all she did was flail about in the public pool with a 40 of malt liquor shoved in her trunks.Β  Not really the same thing, K DD. And then she tries to tell me that her nose is red from “sunburn” . Oh PLEASE. she’s got more burst capillaries on that shnoz than W.C. Fields.


40 comments on “Kitty DrunkDrunk has a decidedly loose interpretation of “chores”

    • Bwaa ha! Unfortunately she seems to think that “proximity to cleaning supplies” = “completed chores”. You should see how she tries to get away with not cleaning the toilet! It is beyond description. (shudder)

    • Woo thanks! K DD is lovely in her own “special” way…she is now practicing her “model walk” on the edge of the tub. She’s a little off balance though because of that quart of Coors light she’s toting along.

      • Hmmm, getting some ideas here – I think I should compare notes with her, LOL. Maybe she can get my cat plastered and then I can teach him how to use the cat flap?

    • K DD would be HONORED. She is busy hastily constructing a little tiara and scepter out of mummified “objects” from her litter box and covering them with glitter glue so she can parade up and down the hallway, waving smugly. Thanks Shane!

  • Miss KDD,
    Everyone is allowed to indulge every once in a while. Recently, I had so much nip, I hopped a plane to NYC! Whoops!
    ps. your dust pan is so fashion forward!

    • Oh PEARL! I think K DD would like to have a playdate with you. In the K DD to English lexicon, “every once in awhile” equals “every few minutes” so it will probably be a short date, unless you can think of a game that involves an unconscious cat. Wait, don’t answer that.

  • Surely you realize how exhausted a girl can be when she has so many things on her schedule every day – grooming, toilet time, staring into corners (because, obviously, YOU have neglected your responsibilities in this particular areas). No wonder she’s too tired for other chores!

  • Woo! High dewclaw from K DD! She’s EXTRA good at concealing her no-no habits– years of practice from when I packed her off to that nunnery in a last-ditch attempt to dry her out. No dice. El diablo is strong in this one..

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