Kitty DrunkDrunk dares you to resist her dubious charms

Published July 31, 2012 by Kitty DrunkDrunk


There comes a time in most evenings, usually after her ninth or tenth cocktail, when K DD’s  judgement goes from merely faltering to outright preposterous. It’s somewhere in between the  “leaning on the windowsill gazing meaningfully into the rainy evening while sob-singing along to the Annie soundtrack ” portion of the night and the part where she ends up unconscious in a tattered negligee, dangling off the drapes from that one errant claw that never seems to retract right and always gets caught on your sweaters. You know you’re getting close to the danger zone when she turns the lights down low and starts suggestively swiping her margarita salt-coated tongue over her ENTIRE FACE while staring meaningfully into your horrified eyes. I ask you, K DD, what exactly do you think that will accomplish? Time to hang it up, sister.


34 comments on “Kitty DrunkDrunk dares you to resist her dubious charms

  • Woah. That’s some picture. Has she lost the tip of her ear? I have a chipped tooth (from chomping on bonbons – it was a bet I lost) and a scar on my eyebrow as I used to play the drums. The crash cymbal landed on my eyebrow and ever since there has been a gap. This could turn into that scene from Jaws where they’re comparing scars. Aharrr, matey. Imagine having a pet Great White Shark… that would be fun.

    • Hiya K V! K DD can’t read so well so all she saw was the word “porn” and now thinks she has been invited to star in one. It is okay if I tell her you are a producer? I need to get her back for that whole “pooping in the coffeemaker” thing.

  • Smell My Paw! Love it! We are both cat freaks with an entirely different approach to the subject. You have an incredibly expressive kitty. That tongue is like nothing I’ve ever seen on a cat. My Simba and Fozzie say “MEOW” “MEOW” to Kitty DrunkDrunk. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll be back to see more of yours.

  • Oh YOU! Thanks Ang C! Your fellas are positively DREAMY! It is all I can do to keep K DD away from the computer as she keeps jabbing at the screen with a broken tequila bottle and hollering “BRING TO ME NICE BOY CATS!” I promise to keep her under close supervision until she calms down.

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