Kitty DrunkDrunk is feeling territorial about the underpants

Published July 21, 2012 by Kitty DrunkDrunk


Well that’s just great. Kitty DrunkDrunk has collapsed in my underwear drawer again, mistaking it for the upper bunk of her permanently reserved room at Woozy Puddy Last Chance Rehab. Oh SORRY, I mean, “Rejuvenation Spa”. Like anyone’s going to believe that. Now she’s drunkenly singing the entire Highway to Hell album in an off-key falsetto and periodically hollering for someone to “bring her a fucking cigarette, willya?!” This is why I keep the second drawer empty because it will inevitably be filled with horrid K DD bodily fluids trickling from above like a pungent, gin-and-urine scented spring rain. Β It’s going to be a great Saturday.


34 comments on “Kitty DrunkDrunk is feeling territorial about the underpants

    • That is frighteningly appropriate! Maybe that’s where she got her troublesome absinthe habit and apparently also did a little nude modeling for their logo designer…..p.s. I love that it’s called Absinthe DEPOT! Like it’s a superstore for all your bulk absinthe needs

    • Yeah! Tough love! I will try that one of these days…. as soon as she stops glaring at me over her shotglass while cleaning her nails with a switchblade. I like how you call it being “let outside”! Ha ha! So classy!!

    • Hey hey hey Marseille! K DD is now dreaming of a visit to France to drink too much table wine and pass out in the fromage. She’s been frantically looking for her passport but I secretly chucked it out after the whole smuggling incident of ’98…

  • This is a fun idea for a blog – like it! One suggestion – it would be a great idea to create an About page to tell readers more about your Kitty (background, upbringing, educational qualifications, where Kitty lives, frequency of bowel movement, propensity to eat moths and so on). I know my three resident feline liggers would be interested to read it when they can be arsed to drag themselves in from lolling about on the lawn.

    • Hiya Soo Eff! Thanks for the tip and P.S. you crack me up! Unfortunately K DD’s witness protection program has put a strict limit on the personal information she is allowed to share. It seems our girl had a little trouble back in her stripper days and was forced to go underground for reasons I am not at liberty to discuss…..

  • Lol. Isla loves to hang out in my underwear drawer as well, particularly on hot days like today. However, I think I’ll need to cut her some slack — compared to Kitty DD she’s a model of good behaviour.

    • Aw shucks ED! K DD is delighted to hear from you. Unfortunately she is shouting into her pack of cigarillos because she’s mistaken it for a cell phone–so if she asks, just pretend you got her call. She’ll probably forget anyway.

  • I see that cats are taking over your life too!!! thanks for liking my post… you’ll be interested to know that I got the cats off the water butt and shooed the horrible hisser away! lol. Enjoy your Saturday…. x

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