Kitty DrunkDrunk is not approved for all audiences

Published July 19, 2012 by Kitty DrunkDrunk


You know, Kitty DrunkDrunk is as patient as the next gal after a gravy boat or two of Wild Irish Rose, but she’s been staring at this blank screen waiting for the movie to start for like, hours now. At first she thought she was getting a preview for some 3-D disaster flick but it turns out she was just repeatedly passing out and bashing her hobo wine soaked muzzle against the “screen”.  Which is really the “creepy broken massage chair in that loamy alley behind the hand job parlor”


13 comments on “Kitty DrunkDrunk is not approved for all audiences

  • Hey … thanks for liking at Pairodox Farm. It’s pretty obvious from all of your blog posts about KDD that you really know cats. Yeah, yeah … it’s funny to the general public … but from one cat fancier to another – I know that you know they’re pretty cool animals and that we couldn’t do without them. Funny stuff. D

  • Hello! Thanks for visiting kitty Nikkie on my blog. You perhaps read she is not mine but belongs to my neighbor. I needed something to blog about.

    I can now see how you could make a whole blog about cats….which you have done. 🙂 They really are fascinating animals with great personalities.

  • ohhmagah! One of my best human friends is named Kitty and she has been known to Drunk Drunk more than once. I saw your like on my page and thought it was her. So relieved someone else has to deal with K DD. Does she ever fall down stairs? Love this!!!

  • Hee hee thanks! I think we would get along juuust fine with your friend Kitty! Does she also have trouble with knocking over the litter box? K DD tends more toward the “sullen, bleary collapsing” school of drinking rather than the stairs-falling one. Not as amusing. p.s. Love your wacky awards!!

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