Someone told Kitty DrunkDrunk that Zima was for pussies

Published July 5, 2012 by Kitty DrunkDrunk


So naturally she just HAD to try it. And guess who got stuck going to fetch the nasty shit? That’s right, yours truly because of course Kitty DrunkDrunk was already too wasted to drive. You could tell the liquor store guy totally didn’t believe that I was just getting it for my cat.  He was throwing this whole attitude like he was picturing me sitting in the dark in some tattered Snuggie tapping my foot to Kenny Loggins and pounding Zima. Maybe sobbing just a little from time to time. Well as you can see, K DD blew through that evil elixir like it came from the fountain of youth or something. But no WAY I’m going back to that liquor store unless I’m also buying like a gallon of manly rotgut whiskey.


8 comments on “Someone told Kitty DrunkDrunk that Zima was for pussies

    • Oh it’s cool, buddy. It’s so cool I’m afraid the great unwashed will discover just how cool it is and then it will be impossible to find pre-soiled Snuggies at the Goodwill, Kenny Loggins will reinvent himself yet again (is there anything the man can’t do?) and the Zima shortage will become so severe that we will be forced to make our own in the bathtub, possibly defending it with Tommy guns. You in?

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